Tomb of Nick Cage & Solemn Shapes at Pexcho's

Pexcho's American Dime Museum, 216 6th Street, Augusta, GA

The Tomb of Nick Cage - New Orleans paranormal Horror Rock meets New Wave. Old world horror for the new world order.www.tombofnickcage.comSolemn Shapes - Industrial Sequencer Witches from North Carolina. Darkwave/ElectrohorrorSomewhere between a soundtrack of 80's horror movies & dark dance floor tracks in the dead of night.solemnshapes.bandcamp.com Pexcho's American Dime Museum - A faithful recreation of late 19th Century and early 20th Century Dime Museums, Pexcho's American Dime Museum will bring Wonderment, Disbelief, Amazement and Laughter to Children and Adults alike.$5 Cover