Live at The Pour House with Solemn Shapes and Eyeball

The Pour House Music Hall, 224 S. Blount St., Raleigh, NC

A night of jamming out to psychedelic rock, horror rock, and dark electronica!EYEBALL is a collective of beings from Raleigh, NC who use guitars, drums, synthesizers, effects, noise, and feedback to conjure up their own brand of psychedelic neo-space rock.Formed in 2015 by drummer Trey McLamb and guitarist Myriam Martian through a mutual interest in art and music, the two began exploring effects-driven music combined with lyrical themes of mysticism, biology, science and astronomy. They were soon joined by bassist Brian Oaksford and keyboardist Aaron Albrecht.They have released two videos directed by Josh Sokal, “Acid War” and the music-film “Inside The Moon” as well the 4-song EP produced by Jeff Eacho titled “Paradox of Eternal Limits”. The Tomb of Nick Cage- We are an engaging and theatrical Horror Rock / New Wave, Metal and Deathrock band from New Orleans! Inspired by the mysterious Tomb of Nicolas Cage that now sits in historic St. Louis #1, we began to wonder if there were secrets behind this mysterious pyramid, and began to speculate on its strange origin. This led us down a path we never expected - filled with conspiracy theories, horror and secret societies as old as time itself. Started by Melissa (Kym Trailz) as a musical scoring project for a local short horror film, the band grew quickly into a fully realized concept.In our short years together, we have begun traveling the convention and dark music festival circuit (The International Cryptozoology Conference 2018, Nola Time Fest, Creepy Fest, Pensacon and Convergence XXII -where we held court over the worlds first live band GOTHIC karaoke- to just name a few.) we have been noticed by media outlets both locally and overseas, performed a secret, elite show and ritual with the almighty Chewbaccus marching krewe and have continued our pursuit of the mysterious Illuminati, hoping to draw them into the public eye with our sonic lures. Shapes is a North American electronic band based in Charlotte, NC whose music ranges from dark electronica to the industrial and experimental genres. The band performs a live blend of electronic music with synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to create dark distorted beats, vocal/sample effects and warped synth tones which evoke a haunting, psychedelic vibe. Solemn Shapes is currently in the studio finishing tracks for an EP to be released literally any minute.